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Website Changes

Website Edits/Updates and Online Forms Development

For those interested in submitting a request for a Housing website edit and/or update or an online forms development request:

In order for us to best serve you, please take note of the following information:

For website updates and/or edits:

Please submit an email to BF Webmaster ( containing the following necessary information

  • The complete website address(es) of the page(s) that you need edited/updated;
  • If changing the content of an entire page, please copy the text of the entire page into a Microsoft Word document and format the changes with red color and bold and attach to the email;
  • If you need a very small edit completed, just copy an excerpt of the text into a Microsoft Word document or directly into the email and clearly note where the edit needs to be made.

If you need a graphic created for display on the page, please supply a description of the type of graphic you need. If you have a graphic that you would like placed on the page, please attach the graphic file (formats: .bmp, .jpg., .gif, .psd) to the email before sending.

For updates to included content, such as Microsoft Word and Adobe .pdf documents, please do the following to ensure that your documents are updated online correctly:

  • Please submit an email to BF Webmaster ( containing the complete links of the pages where the document can be accessed from. If you’re not sure, just let us know at least one of the web page links and we will find the rest.
  • Attach the updated document to the email.
  • Please Note: The Housing Tech Staff are not responsible for the content of included Word and .pdf documents.

For online forms development

Please submit an email to BF Webmaster ( ) containing the following necessary information:

  • A Microsoft Word document containing the form layout (the way you want the form to look);
  • A list of the required fields (the information that you absolutely have to have);
  • Any text instructions that you’d like to display on the form in order to make filling out the form easier;
  • Correct and up-to-date email address(es) where the form results will need to be emailed.

Important Information

For all requests, please include your preferred method of contact for any questions that we may have regarding your request(s).

For us to best serve you, please submit all requests via email. Requests made over the phone must be accompanied by an email for text-based referential and documentation purposes.

In order for us to complete your request(s) in a timely manner, please be aware of the following:

  • Basic update requests to existing web pages (typos, updating old content, wrong dates, posting TWIRL and other documents, etc.) must be submitted with at least two (2) days notice;
  • If you will need regular updates to sections of the website (e.g. posting new issues of TWIRL), please provide BF Webmaster (  with a timeline so that these events my be scheduled;
  • Requests for new web page development or extensive web updates/edits, special projects, pages with database functionality (new forms, updating whole sections of the website, graphics and/or multimedia, etc.) must be submitted with at least two (2) weeks notice;
  • Requests for major development projects or presentations (development of new website processes, new WHISPER functionality, multimedia presentations, development that interfaces between two systems, etc.) must be submitted with at least four (4) weeks notice OR more depending on the complexity of the project (please plan accordingly).

Last updated: 4/12/2013