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Desk Assistant Selection Process

Desk Assistant Description

Desk Assistants Responsibilities

DAs are responsible for the daily operation of residence hall front desks. These student staff members perform desk tasks, such as lockouts, key audits, and equipment checkouts at each residence hall front desk. They also provide administrative support to their Resident Director (RD). The following is a list of responsibilities within the DA position that are consistent across all halls. Specific and more detailed expectations and responsibilities may be provided by the Resident Director of the complex.

-Staffing the Front Desk
-Opening and Closing the Clubhouse
-Issuing, tracking, and managing spare keys and hall equipment
-Assisting with Open House
-Monitoring desk supplies and equipment
-Administrative Duties (printing/copying/scanning/organizing documents)
-Assisting with building opening/closing
-Attending staff/training meetings as required
-Other duties as assigned by Resident Director, Graduate Resident Director or University Housing


Please see our timeline for desk assistant hiring:

  • Week of March 5th – DA Applications Open.
  • March 22nd – DA Application Closes.
  • March 10th – Candidate is notified of status and sent details for an interview or removed from process. Sign up for interview times opens.
  • March 24th – Sign up for interview times closes.
  • March 24 – March 30 – Candidate 45 minute interviews are held.
  • April 5th – Hiring notifications made.


In order for a candidate to successfully have a completed application, they must complete the two of the following tasks:

1. Complete the Human Resources Application – Desk Assistant Position

If you have any questions or concerns, please email with the Subject Line “DA Recruitment – Last Name, First Name.”


After candidates have completed the application process, the Desk Assistant Management Team will review all candidates. Additional to completing the  DA application, you must meet the following qualifications in order to be eligible for hire:

  • Registered as a student (6 hours undergraduate; 3 hours graduate) at Georgia Southern University
  • Ability to provide customer service in a diverse environment in the university and residence hall setting
  • Successful completion of the individual desk assistant process


Interested candidates are encouraged to review a copy of the Employment Agreement which details full expectations of the Desk Assistant position.  The copy below is the current Desk Assistant agreement.  The most up to date version will be provided to new Desk Assistants once they have been extended an offer.

Last updated: 3/10/2021