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Types of RLCs

Types of RLCs Video

There are two types of RLCs that we offer; Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) and Theme Communities (TCs). While both of these options provide students with the opportunity to live in the same residential space with fellow community students, there are some difference between them.

  • Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are composed of students who are in the same major or campus program. These communities have specific application requirements, participation expectations, and they may be required to move in early and/or be enrolled in connected courses. Our LLCs are supported by an Advisory Board of faculty/staff who help support LLC students academically, participate in social programs, and provide meaningful opportunities for engagement. Additionally, many of our LLCs have Alumni Mentors (past LLC members who help lead the community), opportunities to participate in a Student Advisory Board, and end of year celebrations.
  • Theme Communities (TCs) are composed of students with a common area of interest or identity. This commonality serves as a focal point for the community and students have the opportunity to go on trips together, participate in events based on the theme, become engaged in a mentorship program, attend socials, and more. Some of our TCs have participation expectations, the requirement to move in early, the opportunity to be involved in a Student Advisory Board, and/or have access to Alumni Mentors (Past TC members who help lead the community).

Last updated: 5/6/2021