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South Main Street Pedestrian Crossing


Statesboro, Ga. – Georgia DOT announces the activation of the brand new hybrid beacon, commonly known as a “HAWK” signal on US 301/SR 73 at the entrance to Georgia Southern University in Statesboro on Tuesday, January 5. Georgia Southern University students begin the new semester Monday, January 11 with a safer method to access the facilities. This safety enhancement project should elevate the level of safety for college students and other pedestrians crossing a multi-lane roadway.

HAWK stands for High-intensity Activated Cross Walk, a device that helps pedestrians safely cross roadways while minimizing traffic delays. HAWKs are a type of traffic signal that is generally placed mid-block in high pedestrian areas and is designed to stop traffic when activated to allow pedestrians to cross safely.

“Georgia DOT’s top priority is driver and pedestrian safety,” stated District Engineer Karon Ivery. “Although the HAWK Signal is very similar to the pedestrian’s view of a normal traffic signal, the motorists’ view will be quite different so, we urge drivers to use extreme caution until they become more familiar with this type of signal.”

The HAWK signal remains dark to keep traffic flowing until the pedestrian button has been pushed to activate the signal. The HAWK signal has several phases that drivers should be aware of: flashing yellow, indicating motorists should prepare to stop; solid yellow, indicating motorists must come to a stop; solid red, indicating motorists must not cross the stop bar; and toggle red (back and forth motion), meaning once you stop and the pedestrians have cleared you can proceed through the intersection. If you are the second motorist in line you should pull up to the stop bar and make sure the roadway is clear and the pedestrians have crossed before you proceed. A dark signal means for motorists to proceed through the intersection.

HAWK crosswalks are effective and safe when used properly. Improving pedestrian safety via HAWK signals is contingent upon compliance by pedestrians and motorists. Georgia DOT wants to remind motorists that roadway safety should be everyone’s priority.

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