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Lot Closures for Maintenance (Spring Break)

Lot Closures for Maintenance (Spring Break)

During Spring Break, Parking & Transportation will be performing maintenance projects in several lots around campus. This schedule is subject to change based on project priority, weather, and surface conditions. We ask that you familiarize yourself with these closures and plan accordingly. Notice signage will be posted in these areas the day preceding each closure.

Monday, March 14
Re-striping stall lines at the Residential Facilities Bldg (0439) off Old Register Road.

Please have all personal and university vehicles moved to the adjacent gravel area by 1pm. The campus fuel station will remain open and accessible.
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Tuesday, March 15 AND Wednesday, March 16
Re-striping stall lines in Lot 13.

This project will be done over two days in effort to accommodate users in this area and traffic traversing to/from Sweetheart Circle and Herty Drive via Lot 13.
During the first day, the center (4) student commuter rows will be re-striped.
During the second day, the (3) faculty/staff rows directly behind Cone Hall (0253), along with the parallel in front of and faculty/staff behind Brannen Hall (0304), will be re-striped.

Each day’s work will result in limited parking availability. Overflow parking will be located in the lower faculty/staff lot behind Parrish, Ironworks and the old Hanner Gym (0111, 0502 & 0500). The barrier gate entering this area will be open to public traffic. As patrons visiting the Museum are not as familiar with these areas, please consider parking in the lower faculty/staff lot first. This project should provide ample handicap parking each day.
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Thursday, March 17
Re-striping stall lines in the east-southeast area of Lot 42.

This project mostly impacts normal traffic routing through the lot.
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Friday, March 18
Re-striping stall lines in faculty/staff area between the Herty and Hollis buildings (0201 & 0200).

The plan is to paint along the outermost rows of parking along each side of the lot, leaving the interior rows for a later date. Temporary handicap parking will be established during the day of work, one row directly behind the regular handicap areas.
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Again, notice signage will be posted in these areas the preceding day. Please contact our office with any questions or concerns.


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