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Southern Express to incorporate College of Education stop on Sweetheart Circle route


Beginning April 9, the Southern Express will add the College of Education (COE) stop along the Sweetheart Shuttle route on the Statesboro Campus.

In March, the department added a new shuttle route to incorporate a stop at Sanford Hall on Sweetheart Circle in lieu of the stop by COE. After careful data compilation and consideration of student input, Parking and Transportation made the decision to re-incorporate the COE bus stop to alleviate full shuttles on the other routes.

The Sweetheart Shuttle will now run from Paulson Stadium to COE and then to Sweetheart Circle.

“We’re happy to accommodate our commuters by adding this stop as we continue to strive to make Southern Express the best possible experience for students traveling throughout the Statesboro Campus,” said Kristi Bryant, director of Parking & Transportation.

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