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Department named Organization of the Year by Parking Association of Georgia

Georgia Southern University’s department of Parking & Transportation was recently recognized as the Organization of the Year by the Parking Association of Georgia.

The department was recognized in Augusta at the Parking Association of Georgia’s annual conference for its efforts in enhancing campus community life by offering virtual services, such as the new License Plate Recognition System (LPR) and online permit management.

“Many, many schools have followed our lead in virtual efforts,” said Director of Parking & Transportation Kristi Bryant. “I am extremely proud and honored to work with a team that makes our work come to life.”

North Carolina State University, Washington State University Pullman and the City of Boise have adopted similar virtual systems following Georgia Southern’s lead.

About Auxiliary Services

The division of Auxiliary Services is comprised of six departments including University Housing, Parking and Transportation, Eagle Dining Services, Eagle Card Services, Health Services and Retail. These departments all work together to provide the Georgia Southern University community with quality products and services. Auxiliary Services supports the strategic direction of the University and is committed to its advancement and success. Visit


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