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Curb painting on the Armstrong Campus Continues

Via Kathryn Twining:

Curb Painting on Science Drive, Library Drive, and University Drive on the University’s Armstrong Campus will resume Thursday, January 10, 2019,  and is scheduled to be completed by Saturday, January 12, 2019

 Due to the risk of damage to vehicles parked along the drive in the work areas, we have coordinated with Parking and Transportation and UPD to close all of Science Drive and the portion of University Drive from in front of University Hall and Compass Point west to the STOP sign on Thursday, January 10th. (Marked in RED on the attached map)

Library Drive parking will be blocked off on Thursday, January 10th for pressure washing of curbs and Friday, January 11thfor painting. (Marked in ORANGE on the attached map)

Parking on University Drive from Science Drive to the crosswalk near Health professions will be blocked off and painted Saturday 12th, 2019. (Marked in YELLOW on the attached map)

All attempts will be made to minimize disruption to the campus community.

Eco-Sustainable Contractors is painting all of the curbs on the Armstrong Campus that currently have stenciled parking control on them. Please use caution when in the area of these portions of campus.

Thank you for your patience during this process. Please contact Kirk Tatum, Project Manager at 912-536-9989 or912-682-0640 with any questions.


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