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In order to be eligible to park on any Georgia Southern University campus, you must have a valid parking permit. Parking permit information can be found here.

For more information on permit regulations, please click here.

To review parking regulations for all Georgia Southern University campuses, click here.

Parking on the Statesboro Campus

Students must park in designated commuter or residential parking spaces based on their permit. If a student is living on campus, they must park in a corresponding residence hall lot. Commuter lots are located throughout campus in a variety of areas. Individuals with a valid permit may park at the RAC at any time. Any student may park in the Paulson Stadium lot for free. Visitors to Georgia Southern University’s Statesboro Campus may purchase a visitor’s parking permit online and park in designated visitor spaces throughout campus.

Click here for a map of available parking lots for the Statesboro Campus.

Parking on the Armstrong Campus

Parking spaces are located throughout the Armstrong Campus and adhere to the same rules and regulations of the Statesboro Campus.

Click here for a map of available parking lots for the Armstrong Campus.

Parking on the Liberty Campus

The parking lot located at the rear of the Liberty Campus is open to students, staff and faculty.  The faculty and staff spaces are marked as such and the remaining spaces are available to students. There is additional parking on the street adjacent to the campus.

Last updated: 11/19/2018