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Please refer to Disciplinary Actions when issued any violation.

Permit Violations

1.4: Multiple permit vehicles parking concurrently on campus: $30

1.5: No current/valid permit: $35

1.6: Decal or permit displayed on vehicle other than vehicle for which it is authorized: $20

1.7: Alteration or reproduction of parking decal or permit: $50

1.8: Knowingly falsifies information on parking permit application (second offense lead to the loss of parking privileges): $50

1.9: Unauthorized possession of parking permit: $50

2.0: Unauthorized use of permit: $25

Parking Violations

2.1: Parking in no parking zones as marked by signage or pavement markings: $30

2.2: Backed in or pulled through a space, or parked against flow of traffic lane adjacent to space: $25 (First Citation is a $0 warning)

2.3: Parking overtime in area where time limit is posted during restricted hours: $20

2.4: Not parked within a marked space (unmarked areas in a lot, on grass, etc.): $30

2.5: Blocking or obstructing traffic, street, dumpster, sidewalk, fire hydrant, building entrance or exit or another vehicle: $30

2.6: Parking in unauthorized area or outside permit location: $30

2.8: Unauthorized parking in disabled space: $50, then $100

2.9: Parking over the line / encroaching of the next space: $10

3.0: Unauthorized parking in a reserved space: $30

3.1: Stopping, standing or parking where prohibited: $30

3.5: Parking in a Fire Line: $50

NOTE: Also subject to be towed at owner’s expense.

Property Violations

3.3: Tampering with an immobilization device: $50

Last updated: 4/3/2023