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Annual Staff Service and Awards of Excellence Ceremony 2018

On Thursday, March 22nd, the Staff Council held the annual Staff Service & Awards of Excellence Ceremony at the Nessmith-Lane Center. Not only were many Auxiliary Services employees recognized for their years of service, 6 of the 33 staff members nominated for the Award of Merit were Auxiliary employees.

The following  Auxiliary employees were nominated for the Award of Merit: 

  • Kristi Bryant: Parking & Transportation 
  • Ronda Durden: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 
  • Bud Fleming: Eagle Dining Services
  • Cameron Jones: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 
  • Sharon Simon: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 
  • Sherry Keeby: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 

Please congratulate the following employees on receiving the Award of Excellence: 

  • Kristi Bryant: Parking & Transportation 

Thank you for being outstanding representatives of Auxiliary Services!

Auxiliary Services would also like to congratulate the following individuals who were recognized for their years of service at the Georgia Southern University 2018 Staff Awards of Excellence Ceremony. This list represents a combined 405 years of service to Georgia Southern University!

Five Years of Service

  • Cheryl Ambrose: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 
  • Bulah Ball-McGee: Eagle Dining Services
  • Rebekah Boatright: Eagle Dining Services
  • Carrie Bryant: Resident Life University Housing 
  • Kevin Andrew Cowart: Parking & Transportation 
  • David Davis: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 
  • Richard Garrick: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 
  • Winter Hall: Residential Life- Admin Services
  • Robert Hisey: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 
  • Clarence Johnson: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 
  • Jamario Jones: Eagle Dining Services
  • Sherry Keeby: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 
  • Brian Lang: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 
  • Kathrine Lewis: Eagle Dining Services
  • Brittany Parham: Eagle Dining Services
  • Samuel Richardson: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 
  • Raymond Rushing: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 
  • Brooke Salter: University Store
  • Carlita Slatky: University Store
  • Ernie Smith: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 
  • Christopher Spell: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 
  • Timothy Stahl: Business & Finance IT Services
  • Zachary Teter: Auxiliary Services Distribution Center
  • Kristen Teuta: Eagle Dining Services
  • Rechel Thomas: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 
  • Winton Thomas: Eagle Dining Services
  • Tommie Williams: Eagle Dining Services
  • Danny Woodard: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 
  • Robert Yager: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 

Ten Years of Service

  • Holly Berry: University Store
  • Jeffery Blythe: Auxiliary Services 
  • Sharon Hendrix: Health Services
  • Anna Blitch Miller: Auxiliary Services Distribution Center
  • LaSara Mitchell: Health Services
  • Michael Murphy: Auxiliary Services 

Fifteen Years of Service

  • Ronda Lynn Castro: Health Services
  • Rita Grant: Residential & Auxiliary Facilities 
  • Vickie Shaw: Auxiliary Services 
  • William “Bill” Smith: Printing and Postal Services

Twenty Years of Service

  • Jamie Ellis: Eagle Dining Services

Twenty-Five Years of Service

  • Tammy Howard: Health Services

Thirty Years of Service

  • Shirley Colbert: Eagle Dining Services
  • Lisa Lee: Eagle Dining Services
  • Zandra Young: Eagle Dining Services

Director of Parking and Transportation awarded Parking Professional of the Year

Kristi Bryant, Director of Parking and Transportation

Kristi Bryant, the Director of Parking and Transportation, was awarded Parking Professional of the Year at the 2017 annual Parking Association of Georgia conference.

Kristi Bryant, Director of Parking and Transportation, a department of Auxiliary Services, was awarded Parking Professional of the Year for 2017 this past April at the annual Parking Association of Georgia conference held in the Atlanta area. The award is given based on the individual’s customer service skills and expertise in their position above and beyond their job duties. Ms. Bryant was also just named the Chairman of Membership Committee with the Parking Association of Georgia.

Ms. Bryant is a 2001 graduate of Georgia Southern with a Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies. She began working in the Parking and Transportation department in July 2000 as a part-time Enforcement Officer. In March 2003, she was hired on full-time as a Parking Services Monitor and moved up to Enforcement Supervisor in 2008. In July 2011, she was named Director of Parking and Transportation.


“Being able to help the Georgia Southern community and give back to the school I’m very proud to call my alma mater of is what drives me in my position everyday” said Bryant, “I like being able to interact with our community and give the best customer service from my staff and myself.”

Ms. Bryant was recognized for her award because of the customer service components she included in the ongoing Lot 21 improvement project and the lot management software she helped bring to fruition that will now make Georgia Southern a decal-free campus.

Auxiliary Student Employee Recognized for Writing

Each year the Department of Literature and Philosophy offers four awards for student writing, one of which is awarded for “The Best Essay In Literature” and is an award for the best essay submitted by an English major. This year’s “Best Essay In Literature” was awarded to University Residential and Auxiliary Facilities student employee Thomas Casteel. His paper was chosen by a committee composed of faculty from the Department of Literature and Philosophy who were very impressed with his writing.

Mr. Casteel will be recognized at two academic events. First is the Honors Day Convocation, a university event that is held each spring on the first Wednesday in April. The Honors Day Convocation highlights outstanding students from all disciplines and areas of college life. The second is the graduation and awards dinner that Department of Literature and Philosophy hosts annually.

Other writing awards offered by the Department of Literature and Philosophy are as follows:

    An award for the best essay submitted by an English M.A. student
    An award for the best essay submitted by a Philosophy major
    An award for the best essay submitted by a Religious Studies minor


EDS Shows Expertise and Strong Leadership at NACUFS

EDS representing Georgia Southern at NACUFS.

From Left to Right: Michael Morgan (General Manager, Starbucks), Emily Arrington (Assistant Manager, Dining Commons; Southern Regional Director-Elect of NACUFS), Chef Clay Culpepper (Executive Chef, Lakeside Dining Commons; NACUFS Culinary Challenge Southern Region Bronze Medal Winner), Megan Yawn, Jeff Yawn (Executive Director, Eagle Dining Services; Outgoing NACUFS Southern Region Treasurer)

Over Spring Break, representatives from Eagle Dining Services attended the National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS) Southern Regional Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Southern region of NACUFS has members in schools all over the south. From North Carolina down to Florida, and as far west as New Mexico and Texas.

Bone-In Stuffed Pork Chop

Bone-In-Stuffed Pork Chop with a Bourbon and Apple Compote

The NACUFS Southern Region held their annual Culinary Challenge on Thursday, March 16 at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Six chefs from across the Southern Region displayed their skills and competed for medals by creating four portions of a delicious, original hot entree, side dishes and sauces in 60 minutes. Competing in this event is tough and chefs are strictly graded on their technique as well as their dishes. It is not unheard of to have six chefs compete and no one receive a medal. This year, Chef Clay Culpepper, the Executive Chef of Lakeside Dining Commons, represented Eagle Dining Services and Georgia Southern University. He brought home the Bronze Medal with his Bone-In-Stuffed Pork Chop with a Bourbon and Apple Compote over Sauteed Collard Greens and a Sweet Potato Hash.

“Competing in the NACUFS Culinary Challenge was an incredibly rewarding and humbling experience. Only six out of thirty-seven entrants from all over the Southern United States were selected to compete, and to walk away with an ACF medal is certainly one of the highlights of my career,” said Chef Culpepper of the experience.

Competitors have a total of 80 minutes to complete their dishes. This is divided into four sections: five minutes to set their station, 60 minutes to cook, ten minutes for plating, and five minutes to clean and exit their station. The entree had to feature the protein of bone-in pork loin, as well as side dishes and sauces to create a nutritionally balanced plate. Volunteers are allowed to assist each competitor in cleaning and delivering plates to the judges, otherwise no other assistance is allowed.

In addition to Chef Culpepper’s win at the Culinary Challenge, Dining Commons Assistant Manager Emily Arrington was elected the Southern Regional Director-Elect. Mrs. Arrington has served as the Marketing Committee Member before being elected into this position, as well as participating in all of NACUFS educational institutes. In her new position, Mrs. Arrington is preparing to become the Southern Regional Director, by supporting the current Southern Regional Director in their duties and performing them if necessary in their absence.

Jeff Yawn, Executive Director of Eagle Dining Services, also attended the conference. He sat on a panel of his peers and food service industry members answering questions and sharing his experiences around how to succeed in NACUFS. Mr. Yawn has served as the NACUFS Southern Conference Region Treasurer for the last four years and was recently nominated for the National NACUFS Treasurer position. He is looking forward to the opportunity to serve on the  NACUFS Board of Trustee.

Each NACUFS region is led by a regional council, whose members develop programming and member services within their region. Nationally, NACUFS is governed by a volunteer board of trustees composed of fourteen voting members—the board’s four officers: Immediate Past President, President, President-Elect, Treasurer; and eight At-Large Trustees, the Industry Trustee, the Guest Trustee and the CEO, who shall serve as a non-voting, ex-officio member.

Residential and Auxiliary Facilities Reaches Goal of 100 Days Injury Free

University Housing and Auxiliary Facilities has been injury free for the last 100 days and counting. This goal was set previously by the Director of University Housing and Auxiliary Facilities Mike Head and his team. University Housing and Auxiliary Facilities’ Safety Committee has worked diligently, with the help of the whole staff, to ensure that safety is first on everyone’s minds. They have achieved this awesome goal by looking out for one another, following their operating procedures, making sure to wear proper safety equipment, checking their Safety Data Sheets, and ensuring their equipment is in the best working order on all shifts. And all while maintaining a very fast paced work environment while preparing for this year’s summer renovations and cleaning efforts.

Currently, University Housing and Auxiliary Facilities has over 214 employees, working on eight separate operational shifts, seven days a week. This includes holidays and campus closings. To go 100 days without a work related injury is a huge accomplishment. Director Mike Head and his senior staff will be planning a celebration with their staff soon.

Congratulations to all Facilities staff members for this outstanding achievement and a job well done!

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