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Interdepartmental Mail

Interdepartmental correspondence should be placed in reusable campus envelopes. The previous address should be marked-out when the new address is applied. The mailing address should include the name, department, and box number. ( i.e. John Doe, Printing & Postal   PO Box 8116) Be careful not to use Phone numbers in place of PO numbers. Interdepartmental parcels containing supplies or equipment should be sent via Equipment Transport Services.

  • All correspondences should relate to University Business Only. Mail from Private Business and/or outside vendors cannot be boxed without postage according to USPS rules and regulations.
  • All correspondences should be in PO Box order from low to high. (i.e. 8000, 8001, 8002, etc…)
  • All mail outs should have a complete return address. (Department name and box number)

When planning a mail out to students or departments, please contact Printing & Postal Services at (912) 478-6245 for a timeline concerning your mailing.

Last updated: 4/12/2018