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Student Campus Mail

Correspondence sent to students must show the complete address of the recipient and a return address. A return address will help identify the mailer as belonging to the Campus Community. Quantities of over ten (10) mailpieces must be in box order number order. The minimum mailing size is 3-1/2 ” wide by 5″ long.The following guidelines apply to the various users:

  • Students – Students may send correspondence to each other without postage. However, messages and greeting cards are limited to five per week from any individual student.
  • Student Organizations – Student organizations may send mail only to their members and are limited to one mailing per week.
  • Departments – Departments may send only personal or essential official correspondence to student mailboxes. Examples of acceptable correspondence are invoices, time cards, grade reports, suspension letters, financial aid packets, checks, advisement notices, and handwritten notes. Other mediums of communication must be sought for general information such as advertisements, announcements, surveys, newsletters, course offerings and scholarship information (excluding those originating from the Financial Aid Office).
  • Undelivered intracampus mail – We will dispose of undelivered intracampus correspondence unless notified otherwise by the department. If departments desire to have undelivered correspondence returned, they must have a return box number on the outside of the mail piece.

  • All University Housing residents will be automatically assigned a post office box at no charge once all housing paperwork is completed and the student is officially on campus.

Non-University Housing residents who wish to have a post office box on campus may purchase a box for one (1) academic year beginning August 1st and ending July 31st the following year for $20.    You may rent a post office box by visiting Printing and Postal services in the Dining Commons or through our online store. To purchase a post office box, click here.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent once the order is completed and processed. To keep the same box from one year to the next, a post office box must be purchased prior to August 1 of fall semester or the box will be canceled and reassigned.

A student may purchase a post office box at any time; however, the $20 fee will not be pro-rated. Refunds are not available nor are there discounts if a post office box is used less than one (1) academic year. Methods of payment accepted include Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Eaglexpress, cash or checks.

If more specific mailing information is needed, please call Printing and Postal Services at (912) 478-6245.


Last updated: 4/12/2018