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Hosting a minor program? Now what?

I am hosting a program for Minors….now what?

  1. Register your program
  • registration form found on this site
  • You will need to check “yes” for departmental approval before moving forward
  • -you will need to check “yes” that you have read and understand the policy

2. Background checks

  • “adults/chaperones” working with minors must have had a background check in the last 2 years
  • Background investigations are requested online using this link. Include your speed chart number for appropriate billing.  Please allow ample time (at least 5-7 days) for background investigations to be completed.
  • Please call the Director of Risk & Compliance at 912-478-5521 for assistance.

3. Staff Training

  • Each staff member/volunteer must complete Mandatory Reporter training annually. Training links will be provided to each person whose name is submitted for a background investigation.
  • Camp directors will maintain copies of the completion certificates with other camp documentation.

Conference Services P.O. Box 8102

(each program should turn these in collectively with a list and roster of staff/chaperones and the program name/date)

4. Waivers

  • Each minor participant must have a legal guardian sign a waiver (this should be held in your office) before being allowed to participate
  • Waiver included on this site

5. Each program should have the following steps in place and be able to show your plan if audited.

  • Safety and security planning
  • Transportation needs
  • Response to protocols for injury, illness, participant misconduct, and staff misconduct

Questions should be directed to Kelly Crosby, Director of Risk & Compliance at 478-5521

Last updated: 6/18/2018