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About Us

University Housing is an Auxiliary enterprise reporting jointly to the Vice-President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and the Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Services.

As a member of the SAEM team, University Housing is focused on providing exceptional service to our students as they transition to college by living on-campus. Through programs, student services, and a trained and committed Residence Education Staff, students are encouraged to be involved in campus life and activities, to use academic support resources on campus, and to engage in the life of the college. The motto of SAEM is “Making the World a Better Place, One Student at a time.” This is more than words, this is a commitment to integrate learning and development in such a way that we support our students’ growth, development and success both in and out of the classroom. A key element of this success is the strong collaborative relationships that University Housing has not only with other SAEM offices, but also with faculty, academic programs, and other auxiliary units to provide the best experience possible for our students.

The goal of Auxiliary Services is to provide the university community with outstanding services to help support the academic mission of Georgia Southern. We strive to deliver exceptional service and great value in a caring and professional manner. Our talented and dedicated staff of nearly 300 full-time employees is committed to the advancement and success of this institution. We employ over 450 students in our diverse departments, which are engaged in creating an environment that fosters academic success.

Last updated: 11/16/2020