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Residence Halls

Statesboro Campus

Centennial Place


Centennial Place opened in the Fall of 2009 and provides housing for 1,000 freshmen and upper-class students each year in a variety of room styles from shared suites to full apartments. Centennial Place is the home of the University Honors Living Learning Community and the International Living Community.

Eagle Village


Eagle Village opened in the Fall of 2005, providing housing to 800 first-year students in deluxe suite style rooms.  Eagle Village is the home of the Southern Leaders Living Learning Community as well as The Lab Living Learning Community sponsored by the College of Science and Mathematics.

Freedom’s Landing


Purchased in 2011, Freedom’s Landing provides 976 upper class students with a more independent style of living with the benefits and support of on-campus resources. Freedom’s Landing is also open to transfer and graduate students in 2-Bedroom, 3-Bedroom and 4-Bedroom units.  The Transfer Strong Theme Community option is located in Freedom’s Landing.



Kennedy Hall opened in the Fall of 1998, providing housing to 420 first-year students in both traditional suite style rooms and 1, 2, or 3 bedroom apartments.  Kennedy hall rooms are all shared bedroom spaces offering a great opportunity for residents to build community with their peers throughout the building.

Southern Courtyard


Southern Courtyard, opened in the Fall of 2003, provides apartment style living to 476 first year students.  Southern Courtyard has both 2 and 4 bedroom units providing privacy and amenities to students seeking an apartment style living experience.

Southern Pines


Southern Pines, opened in the fall of 2003, provides Super Suite style housing to freshmen students. Southern Pines is the home of the Innovation Living Learning Community and the ROTC Theme Living Community and provides accommodations to over 628 students.

University Villas


Purchased in February 2008, University Villas provides housing to 470 freshmen and upper class students in 2 and 4 bedroom apartments. Room styles include single story units and two story townhouses.  University Villas is home to the Music Theme Living Community.

Watson Hall


Watson Hall opened in the Fall of 1994 and provides housing to 180 freshman in traditional style double occupancy rooms. Students share a large community lounge with gaming systems, computer lab and recreation area that has helped to build a strong history of community connections among its residents.

Armstrong Campus

Windward Commons

Windward Commons is the newest residence hall on the Armstrong campus.  Developed specifically for first-year students, it features multipurpose social nooks, classrooms for tutoring, piano rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and the Cove!

Compass Point

Compass Point is our garden-style apartment residence hall, featuring laundry and courtyards for socializing and studying.  Whether you are playing pool or outdoor volleyball, this residence hall is designed with upperclassmen in mind.

University Crossings

University Crossings has the largest bedrooms on campus!  This residential community is perfect for upperclass and graduate students who are looking for a place on campus that is a little quieter.  It features private entrances and convenient parking and is located near the Fine Arts Building and the College of Health Professions.


University Terrace

University Terrace is our most tranquil and natural residential community.  This residence hall hosts our Finish Strong-themed living community, where studying is our top priority.

Last updated: 1/29/2019