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University Housing is committed to the support of student learning in a residential community; and, Georgia Southern University’s larger mission to be one of the best comprehensive universities in the Nation.

University Housing fosters the development of respect, responsibility, and accountability in students by providing engaging living/learning environments within safe, affordable and comfortable housing.

University Housing educates students in order that they may become productive citizens and life-long learners.

Core Principles

Students: – We make daily decisions that are guided by what is best for our students. We provide services and facilities that support the students as individuals, as members of the housing community, and within society as a whole.

Learning: – We focus on education and learning opportunities for our students and staff. We provide opportunities for learning that create a nexus with the academic classroom. We ensure that learning is a life-long process and is part of daily interactions for students and staff.

Responsibility: – We promote responsibility to one’s self and one’s community. We acknowledge that individual decisions affect the whole community. We strive to assist students and staff in making responsible decisions, and we hold students and staff accountable for their actions, emphasizing educational outcomes when appropriate.

Openness: – To foster civic responsibility, we strive to create a community that accepts and celebrates others. We encourage interaction within our diverse community that enhances the quality of experience for our students.

Involvement: – We encourage involvement of everyone in University Housing. We work to engage students in their development by being active participants in their community through study, leadership and dialogue.

Guiding Principles

University Housing is committed to:

  • Serving Students
  • Students’ academic and personal success
  • Student development
  • Collaboration throughout the campus
  • Staff development
  • Quality service
  • Being a partner with parents/guardians
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Providing quality learning opportunities
  • Administering an excellent program


By 2015 house 30% of the undergraduate student population on campus.

Become the premier housing program in Georgia, and ultimately the Nation.

Provide innovative and engaging academic support programs that will enhance the academic and personal success of residents.

Be seen by students, parents and other members of the University community as providing excellent student-centered service.

Use appropriate and innovative technology in the delivery of quality services.

Provide newly constructed and well-maintained facilities that will fulfill the mission of University Housing and Georgia Southern University.

Initiate on-going departmental organizational development to meet changing expectations from students, parents, University administrators, and Housing staff members.

Provide highly selected and well-trained staff members in all areas of the Department of University Housing.


Assist first-year students in their transition to Georgia Southern University, as well as enhance retention and graduation efforts of all residence hall students.

Plan, implement and evaluate creative and effective programs for students living in University-owned residential facilities.

Students will self-report a high level of overall satisfaction with their living-learning residence hall experience.

Continue to change the culture, focus, effectiveness and satisfaction level of students, staff, external populations, etc.

Provide quality staff members, who are well trained, caring and responsive.

Continue the planning process which will increase residence hall capacity to desired percentage levels as well as increase the quality of the housing stock.

By controlling expenses and increasing revenue, University Housing will remain financially sound.

A yearly occupancy rate of at least 94% will be achieved.

Create and implement a marketing campaign for University Housing for prospective and current students; as well as for individuals who may desire on-campus housing via summer camps and conferences.

Last updated: 12/1/2020