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Apply to Statesboro Campus


First-Time Students
Application Process:

University Housing is accepting applications for students wishing to live on the Statesboro Campus.  All first-year students completing their academic year applications by March 1 will receive priority placement.

All first-year students are required to live on campus for their first year of enrollment.  Students who begin in the summer or fall are required to live on campus for the Fall and Spring terms, students who begin in the spring are only required to live on-campus for the Spring Semester.  First-Year students can apply for housing approximately two days after they have been admitted (applications are live on November 1) and the first priority deadline is March 1st.  Students who completed their housing application by March 1st will receive their fall housing information by April 1st.

Students will apply for housing by using the portal. If you have never logged into the portal you will need to click on the First Time Users link on that page in order to establish your account. Once logged into you will need to look for the Campus Life tile and then the On-Campus Housing Portal link. You will click “Fall 2021 – Statesboro Campus Housing” at the top of the page and follow the steps below:

StepStep NameDescription
1Start ApplicationPlease read the information on this page and continue to section 2.
2Enter Personal InformationYou will enter Personal Contact Information
3Roommate Matching QuestionsAnswer roommate matching questions that can be used to match with roommates or search for additional roommates
4Application FeePay the $100 non-refundable application fee
5Residential Learning CommunitiesLearn about Residential Learning Communities on campus and submit preference in order to apply for those communities.
6Room PreferencesSelect your room type preference.
7Roommate RequestSearch for roommates or form roommate groups with people you already know.
8Final StepsComplete your Application
9Room AssignmentRoom assignments will be sent out via email by April 1
10Sign Contract and Meningitis AcceptanceSign your housing contract and meningitis acceptance.
11Prepare for Move-InPrepare to move into the Residence Halls in August.
Returning and Transfer Students

Returning student housing is extremely limited at this time and is not guaranteed. University Housing invites upper-class students who currently live on campus, to return to campus housing for 2021-2022.   If upper-class becomes available, it will be in Freedom’s Landing.   On-line applications began on November 1, 2020.  Based on availability, room selection will happen later in the spring. During the application process, you will complete the application and form roommate groups. You will not preference any room styles as you will choose your actual room during room selection based upon available rooms.  University Housing encourages upper-class students to secure housing off-campus for Fall 2021/Spring 2022.

The following room types may become available in the self-selection process.

  • Freedom’s Landing
    • 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment
    • 3 bedroom, 3 bath apartment
    • 4 bedroom, 4 bath apartment
  • EXCEPTIONS to Available Spaces: 

    • There may be some buildings in Freedom’s Landing that are not eligible to apply for due to locations being determined for First-Year housing at Freedom’s Landing.


In order to complete the application, you must have your My.GeorgiaSouthern credentials. Just click the link at the bottom of this page to begin the online application process!

Click Here to Start the Process

Summer & Eagle Success Housing

Summer housing for returning, transfer, and new first-year students who are not part of Eagle Success will be housed at Southern Courtyard on the Statesboro Campus.  The housing application for Summer Housing will be available soon at the On-Campus Housing Portal in the page.

Information regarding Summer Housing rates can be found online at the Housing Rates website.

Special Accommodation Needs

The Offices of Disability Services and Housing and Residence Life work closely together to evaluate requests for housing accommodations for students with disabilities. Students requesting special accommodation or modification for housing must complete and submit the Voluntary Declaration of Disability Form  in order to receive consideration. In addition, the student requesting accommodation must also have a current fully completed housing application on file before the university will evaluate a request for housing accommodation. A request for housing accommodation does not guarantee a housing assignment.

The student should complete Section I and the medical provider should complete Section II. This request must be completed in its entirety before a request will be considered. All requests for accommodation must be made by 60 days before arrival.

Documentation must substantiate a diagnosed impairment that is a current substantial limitation to a major life activity as it relates to housing needs. To ensure the provision of reasonable and appropriate on-campus accommodations for students, the university requires current and comprehensive documentation of the disorder from a current treatment/ assessment professional qualified to make the diagnosis. (Please note, a diagnosis in and of itself does not automatically qualify for the requested accommodation.)

This request form must be submitted each year in order to review and renew, as appropriate, accommodations provided through the Offices of Disability Services and Housing and Residence Life.

Last updated: 11/18/2020