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Who’s Who in Residence Education

Director of Residence Education

The Director of Residence Education has the overall responsibility of the day-to-day operations as well as short and long-term planning for Residence Education. The Director supervises the Associate Director of Residence Education and the Senior Administrative Assistant for Residence Education.

Associate Director of Residence Education

The Associate Director of Residence Education (Statesboro) is responsible for the oversight of Residential Curriculum practices, professional staff development & training, and policy management. The Associate Director (Savannah) supervises the Operations Coordinator, Resident Directors, and Graduate Assistants.

Assistant Director of Residence Education

Three Assistant Directors of Residence Education who each have primary responsibility for directly supervising Resident Directors, directly and indirectly supervising Graduate Resident Directors, and supporting approximately one-third of the student staff and residential population. Assistant Directors are responsible for many of the departmental committees and have collateral responsibilities they oversee. Assistant Directors also serve on the professional on-call emergency response at the third tier level.

Assistant Director for Residential Learning 

The Assistant Director for Residential Learning has primary responsibilities for the Living Learning Communities, Theme Communities, coordinating or supporting a variety of assessment projects, working with our residential curriculum, coordinating academic support initiatives, leading initiatives related to social justice, and providing support to our Resident Director and Graduate Resident Director staff as needed. The Assistant Director for Residential Learning supervises at least two Graduate Assistants assigned to the central office of residential education.

Resident Director

Resident Directors are full-time professionals who live in the residence halls and are responsible for the daily supervision and management of a residence hall. This includes supervision of Resident Advisors and potentially a Graduate Resident Director. The Resident Directors also have departmental committee responsibilities, develop community within the framework of the Residential Curriculum model, manage conduct issues in their building, serve in the professional on-call second tier emergency response rotation, and complete administrative tasks to support the operation of the residence hall.

Administrative Assistant II for Residence Education

The Administrative Assistant II for Residence Education serves as the primary administrative support to the Director of Residence Education as well as the primary support for Residential Education supply budgets and purchasing, as well as departmental travel.

Administrative Assistant I for Residence Education

The Administrative Assistant I for Residence Education serves as the primary administrative support for Residence Education, including the Associate Director and Assistant Directors. The position is also responsible for managing daily operations for the office’s student workers.

Graduate Resident Director

The Graduate Resident Directors are full time, Master’s-seeking graduate students. They each supervise four to six Resident Advisors, help with managing the desk operation of their residence hall, have the opportunity to serve on committees and advise student groups, serve in the professional on-call first tier emergency response rotation, and participate as a hearing officer for student conduct violations. The Graduate Resident Director assists the Resident Director with administrative duties for the building.

Graduate Assistants

We have the following additional Graduate Assistant positions in Residence Education: Graduate Assistant for Residential Learning Communities, Graduate Assistant for Academic Initiatives and Assessment, Graduate Assistant for Residential Curriculum and Assessment, and Graduate Assistant for Administrative Support and Finances. These Graduate Assistant positions work 20-25 hours per week in the central office providing support to the oversight and administrative functions of the department. These positions are supervised by the Assistant Directors within Residence Education, and provide support in the areas attached to their positions.

Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors are responsible for building community and initiating learning opportunities on an assigned section of a residence hall. These undergraduate staff members work closely with their fellow Resident Advisors and their leadership team to assist students in building relationships, resolving conflict, and creating a safe, enjoyable living environment.

Desk Assistant

Desk Assistants are part of a team of students who are primarily responsible for the daily operation of residence hall front desks. These undergraduate staff members perform tasks, such as lockouts, key audits, and equipment checkouts at each residence hall front desk. They also provide administrative support to their Resident Director.

Last updated: 12/21/2023