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Parking and Transportation at Georgia Southern

Online Parking Services

Your online account allows you to purchase permits, join waitlists for lots and take actions on tickets. To sign in, visit the Parking and Transportation Web Portal. You may also access the web portal via MyGS under Auxiliary Services > Parking Permits & Citations.

Faculty and Staff Permit Holders

If you are Faculty or Staff and have a green validation sticker on your hangtag that reads “Valid Until Termination”, you do not have to renew your permit. It will continue to be payroll deducted from you and is valid until you leave Georgia Southern.

View Bus Locations

With the SmartTraxx app, you can view the locations of our transit fleet from your smartphone! Use the links below to download the app.

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Pay for Your Ticket with QuickIt

With the Quickit app, all Georgia Southern parking citations can be paid through a mobile device at no charge. Use the links below to download the app for iOS or Android.

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These regulations are established by Georgia Southern University which holds ultimate authority for administering and enforcing traffic and parking regulations on the Georgia Southern University campus. The University reserves authority to make changes as needed in parking areas, traffic flow patterns and such other changes as traffic conditions warrant. Prior notification of such changes (except on an emergency basis) will be made to the University community.

The regulations shall be in effect in all areas of the Georgia Southern University campus and in off-campus areas owned or leased by the University. They are intended only to supplement the State of Georgia Motor Vehicle Laws, all provisions of which apply to this campus. “Motor vehicle” includes every vehicle that is self-propelled.
*No personal golf carts or UTVs are allowed on campus.

The purpose of these regulations is to facilitate the safe and orderly conduct of University business and to provide parking facilities in support of this function within the limits of available space. If you have any problems or questions concerning these parking regulations, please contact Parking and Transportation, which is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

Students are required to observe these regulations as a condition of attendance at the University; faculty and staff members are required to observe them as a condition of employment.

Parking and Transportation is responsible for implementation and enforcement of the University’s parking regulations, as well as placement and maintenance of parking and traffic control devices.

A Parking and Transportation Committee representative of students, faculty, and staff shall be appointed each year. This ten member ad hoc committee shall be composed of two faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate, two staff members appointed by the Personnel Committee, four students appointed by the Student Government Association, and two at-large members appointed by the Director of Parking and Transportation.

This Committee shall solicit and study proposals for changes and improvements and shall consider problems of a significant nature affecting the success of the Parking and Transportation program. The committee shall advise the Director of Parking and Transportation on all substantive operational procedures. This committee is also responsible for hearing appeals arising from parking citations and other actions of Parking and Transportation.

The University shall have no responsibility for loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents while operated or parked on the Georgia Southern University campus.

General Parking Regulations

1. Generally, the location for parking a given motor vehicle on campus streets and lots will be authorized according to the type of parking decal or permit displayed on the vehicle. However, any vehicle may park in any designated commuter or ungated faculty/staff lot from 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. except in spaces designated for directors of residence halls, reserved parking, disabled, service & delivery, and resident parking lots.

NOTE: Rules 2 through 8 are enforced
24 hours, 7 days-a-week.

2. Parking on all campus streets shall be to the right with traffic in the adjacent lane and parking on all campus streets and lots shall be within the spaces designated to motor vehicle type, except that parking of motorcycles and all other two-wheeled motor vehicles shall be only within marked areas designated for motorcycles.

3. Stopping, standing or parking on thoroughfares and/or parking at yellow curbs, in driveways, crosshatched safety zones, disabled parking spaces and crosshatched aisles, walkways, bike lanes, service and delivery zones and entranceways and on lawns and athletic fields is prohibited. Vehicles in these areas will be fined and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

4. Parking areas for various decal or permit types are designated on the accompanying campus map.

5. Parking automobiles or trucks in spaces designated for motorcycles only is prohibited and parking motorcycles or other two-wheeled vehicles in spaces not designated for motorcycles is prohibited.

6. Authorization to park in areas designated as “Reserved Parking” must be authorized by the Parking and Transportation Office.

7. Parking in such a manner that blocks access to dumpsters or trash receptacles is prohibited and vehicles so parked are subject to fines and/or towing.

8. Resident Parking Permits are required at all times in Residence Hall Parking Lots. Non residents may park in 30 minute spaces at residence halls, but only for 30 minutes. Residence Hall lots are enforced 24/7.

9. Time Zones – In order to provide students short-term parking for conducting business or running errands, there are short-term parking zones on campus. These are enforced on a regular basis and are not designed to be used while at work or attending class. In a time zone, remaining parked longer than the posted limit constitutes an overtime violation. Each successive period equal to the time limit posted, constitutes an additional violation so that in a 30 minute zone a vehicle could be ticketed every 30 minutes. It is not permissible to move from one space to another within a time zone and park for the time limit in each space. This defeats the purpose of the zone and prevents others from using the area. After parking in a time zone for the posted time, a vehicle must leave the zone for a period equal to the posted time limit before returning to the same time zone or it will be subject to ticketing.

Example:  If you park in a 30 minute time zone to run an errand, you cannot return to that same time zone for an additional 30 minutes.

RAC Parking

The RAC is permit parking between the hours of 8 am – 3 pm. You may park at the RAC with ANY current Georgia Southern University parking permit. For those attending classes or working out during these hours without a permit, you may park at the stadium and ride the bus to the RAC.

Carpool Program

Georgia Southern University is continuing its successful carpool program.

Transportation is one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions. There are thousands of people driving to campus every day. Many of those people come from the same area. Why not cut travel costs, reduce wear and tear on your vehicle, conserve energy and help fight air pollution by using car pools to commute to work or school?

Parking and Transportation is proud to continue offering carpool parking at a reduced rate with the convenience of parking closer to your destination.

For more information regarding our car pool program, please call Parking and Transportation at 912-GSU-PARK (478-7275) or direct emails to

Maps Download
Parking Areas  pdf
Bus Routes  pdf
Paying Citations

Payment for or appealing of a citation is done through the Parking and Transportation Web Portal. You may also access the web portal via MyGS under Auxiliary Services > Parking Permits & Citations. Once logged into the web portal, you will be able to view your permit information, contact information, registered vehicles, and any outstanding balances.

Parking & Transportation encourages the use of the Quickit app to pay citations. Citations can be paid immediately at no cost through the Quickit app by scanning the barcode at the bottom of the citation. The Quickit app is available for free for all iOS and Android devices. For more information on Quickit, please visit

Tickets are valid at time of issuance & viewable online within 24 hours. Any tickets not online after 24 hours remain valid; notify our office of issues.

Appeals must be made within seven (7) calendar days from the date the ticket was issued. The ticket is to be appealed by the person to whom it was issued or to whom the permit displayed was issued. Appeals are only available to accounts/vehicles registered through our department.

Please contact or visit the Parking & Transportation office concerning access to appeal.


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