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Being a part of Georgia Southern University’s Housing employment team involves many perks as a student. One of the most important benefits includes GS Housing’s observation that you are a student first. This means that as a student employee, you will never be scheduled to work during a time that you have classes or more than 25 hours a week, ensuring that you will have plenty of time to be responsible to your first priority at Georgia Southern, your education. Georgia Southern University offers training sessions that are as interactive and entertaining as they are informative, preparing you for any situation that may arise on the job. Our student employees work closely with students, as well as staff, providing a safe and friendly work environment.

Working with Georgia Southern University Housing provides experience that will help you after college through practice of responsibility, confidentiality, and time management, just for a start. Your experience working as a student employee will help you in the future because it indicates to employers that you are responsible, experienced, and capable.

Graduate Assistantships
The Residence Education team within University Housing will hire eight graduate assistants for the 2015 – 2016 academic year.  CLICK HERE for more information on our openings and interview process.
ACUHO-I Internships (Graduate Student)
  • University Housing hires up to 3 interns through the Association of College and University Housing Officers – International (ACUHO-I)  Housing Internship Program.  Internship sites with University Housing are currently in Residence Education and have included managing a Summer School residence hall or managing the residence hall for the  Eagle Incentive Program (EIP).  Interns also work on Residence Education projects such as developing residential curriculum and living learning communities.
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Community Leaders

Click HERE for 2017 – 2018 application information.    

A Community Leader’s (CL) main responsibility is just that – being a leader within the community in which they live.

  • CLs live on campus and are responsible for creating environments in which the residents feel safe and at home.
  • CLs have a primary responsibility to get to know each individual resident in their hall and ensure the residents’ well-being throughout the academic year.
  • One way CLs create community is through intentional interactions and connecting residents of similar interests.
  • CLs will assist their Resident Director with various educational programming initiatives.
  • CLs also have the responsibility to enforce University Housing and Student Code of Conduct policies, be a first responder during emergency situations, and act as a liaison between the residents and University Housing.
  • CLs will work closely with both staff and students, with their main priority being to enrich the lives of the students living within their community. 

This position is posted in October each year.  Candidates must complete the application process by Friday, December 2, 2016 (attend an information session and two applications), as well as meet our minimum qualifications in order to be selected to participate in LEAD 3900 (non-credit 1 hour leadership course) during the spring semester.  LEAD 3900 is a 7 week course with class twice a week.  The minimum qualifications are that the student:

  • registered as a full-time student (12 hours undergraduate or 6 hours graduate
  • have a 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Clear student conduct record throughout the selection process.

If a candidate is successful in passing LEAD 3900, he/she will be asked to participate in an individual and group interview process on Friday, February 24th.  Candidates are then selected in early April for the next academic year.

Community Assistants

Community Assistants (CAs) are often the first faces that students and visitors see when entering the residence halls. CAs are stationed at the front desks of each residential community during specified hours. These student employees are responsible for assisting those that visit the desk, greet those who pass, and assist the residential staff as needed. CAs have the ability to work during the week and weekends.

CAs are not required to live on campus, we but are encouraged and invited to get to know the students and staff that live in the building.

Guest Service Assistant

Guest Service Assistants are student employees responsible for working with summer Camps & Conferences and with students and parents attending SOAR. This includes any preparatory work for the host buildings, greeting customers, check-outs and customer service during the group’s stay. As representatives of Georgia Southern, Auxiliary Services, University Housing, GSAs serve as the front line customer service agents for the Conference Services program during the summer.

Office Assistants

Office Assistants work in the Central Office, Residential Education, and Residential Facilities to assist staff members with answering phones, filing, inter-campus mail delivery, as well as performing office tasks and organization. Office Assistants work during the week during normal business hours.

Office Assistants are not required to live on campus, but have the opportunity to develop relationships with the professional staff they work with in their offices.

Last updated: 10/24/2016