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Bus Advertising

Advertising Design Specifications

Ads should be 36 in. wide and 11 in. tall. Printable area for design: 36”w X 10”h.

Use legible and large fonts for maximum readability; use a four-color process for maximum impact.

The material should be 46 # weight, laminated.

We recommend using Printing and Postal Services for the production of ads as they are familiar with all our advertising specifications. Artwork submitted to Eagle Print Shop should be in PDF format.

12 copies of the ad need to be provided to Parking & Transportation.

Cost of Advertising


$100/per week (up to 4 weeks)
Semester (1 ad)- $1,200

Intercampus Shuttle

$50/week (up to 4 weeks)
Semester (1 ad) – $600

Both (Statesboro and Shuttle)

$150/week (up to 4 weeks)
Semester (1 ad) – $1800

If a department or organization requests for the ad to be removed before their requested time frame is up, your payment is not refundable.

We give approximately 15,000 rides per day, so this is an excellent venue to get your message to our students!

Advertising Policy and Regulations

Only University departments and student organizations can advertise on transit buses.

Use of the University’s name, logo, slogans, or other graphic representations must meet all University trademarking standards.

No advertising will display that includes language, pictures, or other graphic representations that are unsuitable for exposure to persons of young age, or is derogatory of any person or group.

No advertising will be displayed that violates any state or federal law.

Advertising space on the buses is limited and will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis.

All ads must be submitted to and approved by the Parking & Transportation Office. Submission of the artwork must be 7 calendar days prior to installation.

Production of Advertisements will be the responsibility of the department or organization. Parking & Transportation will install and remove the ads. Ads will be returned to the department/organization unless otherwise requested.

Request Advertisement

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Artwork Submission

All advertisement artwork must be electronically submitted for approval 7 calendar days prior to the installation date.
Please email all advertisement artwork to

Last updated: 5/24/2023