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Vehicle Operation and Restrictions


In addition to the following rules, all State of Georgia uniform rules of the road apply to vehicles operated on campus and will be enforced by University Police.

  1. All persons operating a vehicle on university property shall be properly licensed operators.
  2. Pedestrians have the right-of-way on campus, except where traffic is regulated by traffic signals or police officers. Extreme caution must be exercised at all times while driving on campus.
  3. Under normal conditions, the maximum speed limit on campus streets is 25 M.P.H., except where posted otherwise. The maximum speed limit in parking lots is 10 M.P.H. However, vehicles may not be operated at any speed which is excessive for the conditions which may exist as a result of weather, traffic congestion, pedestrians, etc.
  4. Traffic control signs, devices, and directions of police officers shall be obeyed at all times.
  5. All persons operating vehicles are responsible for maintaining vehicle control, safe operation, and observing traffic control signs, barriers, and devices.
  6. Operating a motor vehicle in any area other than a street or roadway intended for motor vehicles is prohibited.
  7. ID cards shall be presented when requested by Campus Police or Parking Officials.
  8. All accidents occurring on campus shall be reported at the University Police Department immediately and before the vehicle is moved, unless such vehicle would impede emergency vehicles.
  9. “U” Turns are prohibited unless otherwise indicated.


  1. Campus streets or grounds may not be used by any firm or corporation or persons for commercial or advertising purposes without proper authorization.
  2. Excessive noise by musical instruments, stereos, loud speakers, faulty mufflers, or muffler cutouts is prohibited on campus.

Last updated: 3/29/2018