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Lot Enforcement

  • University parking citations must be appealed online within seven (7) days.
  • State and county citations will be answered as indicated on the citation.
  • Unregistered, improperly registered, unidentifiable, or illegally parked vehicles may be towed away, impounded, or immobilized at the owner’s expense. If a wrecker has been called to tow a vehicle and the owner returns to the vehicle during the process of towing, they must settle with the wrecker service at that time or the vehicle will be impounded.
  • Information regarding impounded vehicles may be obtained at the Parking and Transportation office or after hours with the University Police.
  • Impounded vehicles will only be released upon proper authorization of Parking and Transportation or the University Police.
  • Immobilization: Any vehicle found parked at any time on campus against which there are three (3) or more outstanding or otherwise unsettled parking violation citations, for which no appeal has been submitted within the requisite time period, may, under the authority of the Director of Parking & Transportation, be immobilized in such a manner as to prevent its operation. The owner of such immobilized vehicle, or other duly authorized people, may repossess or secure the release of the vehicle upon satisfaction of all outstanding citations and payment of an immobilization fee of $50. Immobilization fees do not qualify for early payment discounts. Tampering with an immobilization device will result in additional fines and possible referral to Judicial Affairs and/or criminal prosecution.

Last updated: 9/21/2023