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Residential Communities


A top priority for our students is to ensure they are successful in their transition to college. Research shows us that students who reside in Living Learning Communities and Theme Living Communities are provided more opportunities for interaction with faculty outside of the classroom, receive greater academic support opportunities, cultivate a greater connection to the University, and have a stronger sense of belonging within a community. All these factors ultimately lead to greater success as a student.

Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities are comprised of students who live together in a residence hall and have a common academic program or take one or more classes together as a community. The sponsoring college, department, or program formally partners with University Housing to create and manage the community. Students who participate in a LLC pay a $20 student activity fee each semester which supports the academic, career, social programs or service initiatives.

The following Living Learning Communities are available for you as an incoming freshman:

College of Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT) Community:

Sponsored by the Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering & Information Technology (CEIT), the CEIT Community is for first-year majors where student take a common course with other CEIT LLC students, have access to academic and career development programming and the opportunity to interact with faculty outside the classroom.  The CEIT Community is located in Southern PinesLEARN MORE


Collaboratory Community:

The Office of Student Leadership & Civic Engagement invites students interested in leadership development and volunteering to live together in Eagle Village. Participants will take FYE1220: Live the Change together and will volunteer in the Georgia Southern and Statesboro community as servant leaders. LEARN MORE

Honors Community:

First year students accepted into the Georgia Southern Honors Program are required to live together in Centennial Place – Building 2. Students in this community have the opportunity to connect with other Honors students and form strong academic support networks for honors level courses.  LEARN MORE

Honors LLC Logo
The Lab Community:

Sponsored by the College of Science and Mathematics (COSM), The Lab is for first-year COSM majors where students take one of the LLC-designated sections of FYE 1220. Students discover their inner Scientist and Mathematician through faculty interactions outside of the classroom and career development opportunities.  The Lab is located in Eagle VillageLEARN MORE


Theme Living Communities

Theme Living Communities are composed of students who live together in a residence hall and have a common interest that serves as the central theme to the community.   The following Theme Living Communities are available to certain incoming fresh


Music Community:

Students who are interested in talking about music, listening to music, and/or creating music are encourage to join this TLC. The Music Theme Community is for music majors, members of the Southern Pride Marching Band, and for any student who enjoys experiencing music as a hobby.  This community is located in University Villas.

   Music Community logo in 2 tone
International Community:

Students interested in a unique cultural experience are encouraged to apply for the International Living Community located in Centennial Place. This community pairs up students from the United States with international students from around the world. American students should apply on the University Housing website to be a part of this community.  Learn more about International supports services and programs.


ROTC Community:

Georgia Southern’s Army Reserve Officers’ Training Course (ROTC) students can live together in Southern Pines. The members of this community participate in common ROTC classes, events, and trainings. Members of this community are assigned to these spaces by the ROTC Program.  This community is located in Southern Pines.  This community is sponsored by the Department of Military Science.



Students who are interested in being a part of any of the above mentioned communities should apply on the University Housing website. The application for Living Learning and the International Living Community will be available in the last step of your New Student Application.  Priority for all communities is given to students who apply by the March 1 deadline.

Last updated: 10/31/2016