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University Housing is pleased to offer a number of services inside the halls, ranging from Laundry Services to Pest Control.

Computer Labs

Each residence hall has access to a computer lab. Most of these labs are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to residents of the building. Your Student Technology Fee has paid for these computer labs.

All of these labs are connected to a printer and are designed for students to use for academic work. At the current time, other than the technology fee, there are no additional charges for these facilities. It is expected that students take the same care of these labs as they would their personal computers.

Also, where appropriate, the computers in the labs have software installed that is specifically for students in that particular Community to use.

Internet In Room

All residence halls have access to Georgia Southern’s internet service either through an ethernet plug, wireless service or in some halls, both. Each year University Housing and Telecommunications & Networking coordinate to evaluate and identify expansion of access through wireless service in the halls. Please note: Students are not permitted to bring a personal router that plugs into the University’s system to create a wireless hub in their room. Wireless hotspot creators that operate through a cell phone provider are permitted.

Laundry Services

Laundry services are included in the Residence Hall fee paid each semester. Students no longer have to pay for laundry at the laundry machine. Each building is equipped with High-Efficiency front-loading washing machines and dryers. These washing machines require only one-fourth of the amount of detergent used in standard washing machines. Further instructions on how to use these machines is posted in your hall’s laundry room.

Laundry in Apartment Units

In residence hall units that have a washer and dryer, a traditional top loading washer and standard dryer are provided for resident use.


If you find there is a problem with a washer or dryer in your hall’s laundry room, we encourage you to put in a work order. To submit a service request click here.

Pest Control

The initial step to the elimination of insects in your residence hall is sanitation. All insects need food, moisture, and harborage in order to survive. The pest control operator’s success at an individual’s residence will be determined by the resident’s housekeeping.

The two most troublesome insects found in residence halls and apartments are ants and roaches. Both of these can be completely eliminated, but not with pesticides alone. The outcome solely resides on the sanitation of the individual residences; below are some steps each of our students can practice in order to be insect free:

  1. Wash dirty dishes immediately after eating. Do not leave dirty dishes on table, counter or place in sink. After washing dishes, drain sink; do not leave water standing.
  2. Vacuum on a regular basis. (Not just before your family visits.)
  3. Do not leave chips, cookies, cereal, etc. that have interior bags left open. Either seal with an appropriate sized zip lock bag, or place in the refrigerator.
  4. After consuming beverages, rinse containers and dispose of in an appropriate manner.
  5. When cleaning room/apartment, do not place trash bag outside door until leaving the premises. Place in dumpster immediately.

By following these simple procedures you will be able to assist in your pest control success!

If your problem is still not resolved after following the above recommendations submit a request to have a professional treat your apartment. To submit a service request click here.

Last updated: 10/2/2013