Parking & Transportation
Georgia Southern University


Spaces Reallocated On Sweetheart Circle

During the break, Parking and Transportation has changed the assignment of certain spaces that will directly affect Lot 13 permit holders.

The parallel spaces along Southern Drive, between Sanford Hall and Sweetheart Circle, have been reallocated from Lot 13 commuter spaces to Faculty & Staff spaces. The signage for this area has been changed accordingly. This area will be fully enforced beginning Monday, January 12, 2015.

In planning for this reallocation, our department has ensured that the current permit capacity would not be affected by the decrease in spaces. When classes resume, any shortage in commuter spaces will be a result of unauthorized vehicles parked in the area, not from the reallocation.

As always, please watch for signs while entering and parking in any campus lot to ensure proper placement of your vehicle.

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